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The QA Manager is responsible for providing leadership by developing and directing QA and quality improvement initiatives by directing and develop test strategies, plans, and scripts and provide updates on status, issues, and risks.  Also by developing QA processes and standards in development, operational, and project-based IT work. The QA Manager will manage a pool of QA Analysts including providing coaching, mentoring, motivation, and performance management.

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Keep your business running leaner and stronger than ever.

Mastering your financials with CLEARVIEW In the quick-service restaurant business, the more insight you have on how your business is performing, the better equipped you are to make the necessary adjustments to make your operation even more profitable. CLEARVIEW gives you a detailed snapshot of both immediate and long-term perspectives. Here are some ways it can streamline your business and [...]

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Are inventory inefficiencies eroding your profits?

Control Inventory costs with CLEARVIEW One of the most common ways quick-service restaurants hemorrhage money is through inefficient management of inventory. Whether it’s by being understocked or overstocked, these inefficiencies will quickly erode profits. The CLEARVIEW advantage has helped our partners save between 2%-5% on the cost of goods sold (COGS). That’s because we help them maintain optimal stock levels all the way from [...]

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Control labor costs without sacrificing on quality of service

Make day-to-day labor-management easier and more profitable with CLEARVIEW   It’s been said that of all the costs associated with running a restaurant – food & beverage, equipment, POS system utilities, and labor, the latter is often the largest and arguably the most important. Whether you are effectively managing labor costs is going to largely determine whether the business will be profitable.   Controlling labor costs is trickier than it may seem at first glance. [...]

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Streamline production, trim labor expenses and reduce food waste losses

Make better business decisions with CLEARVIEW At CLEARVIEW, we believe that companies are like living organisms in that they need to constantly grow and evolve in order to thrive. The last year proved to be a year of profound and exciting change for CLEARVIEW and we are continuing to evolve as we find new and better ways to serve our [...]

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CLEARVIEW’s Business Continuity Plan and Response to COVID-19

Message from Michael J. Lavigne, President and CEO For the past 20 years our customers worldwide have relied on CLEARVIEW to help them manage their business, and during difficult times, we will continue to do just that. First and foremost, our thoughts go out to all the people who have been affected by this unprecedented global event. I want to [...]

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