Connected Products: Lightspeed POS


Lightspeed ignites businesses everywhere. Our one-stop commerce platform empowers merchants around the world to simplify, scale and provide exceptional customer experiences.


As a real-time connected POS Partner, Lightspeed POS powered restaurants can leverage advanced business insights and operational control of Clearview to gain efficiencies and maximize profit.


Managing in the moment: With up to the minute sales, labor and inventory business insights related to current performance vs targets, managers are empowered to make profit saving decisions while never leaving the floor.

Big picture performance: By leveraging all aspects of Lightspeed POS transaction level details, Operators can assess performance and viability of all revenue and cost centers for fiscal or greater periods.

Connected inventory control: With the power of Clearview situational recipes that adapt not only to specific customer modifications but also to order points/destination of the POS transaction, you now have access to industry leading inventory accuracy. Monitor real-time stock and production levels, menu performance, cost of goods sold and stock variances with the utmost accuracy.

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