Connected Products: PayActiv Earned Wage Access


We create products that empower more people to participate in the economy they helped create.

Before we created Earned Wage Access (EWA) in 2012, workers could only bridge the gap between needing money and getting paid with late and overdraft fees, or expensive payday loans. Now those funds go where they belong—in workers’ pockets and back into our economy.

Improve recruitment and impact the daily lives of your workforce with Payactiv, the innovator of Earned Wage Access. 

Be the place where everyone wants to work

Help your employees fully engage in both work and life with our all-in-one Livelihood platform that takes a holistic approach in improving financial wellness and increasing employee satisfaction.

Their money when they need it


Leverage Clearview time & attendance to offer your employees instant access to earnings.


Clearview time clock activity, along with manager adjustments, are automatically synched to PayActiv. Employees can review and access available earnings in PayActiv outside the traditional pay cycle, even at the end of their most recent shift.

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Are you ready to take control?  

Learn how CLEARVIEW can help you improve your restaurant’s management.