Accounting & Corporate

Reduce manual labor and eliminate errors with CLEARVIEW’s Accounting & Corporate functions.    

CLEARVIEW provides several advantages for accounting and corporate functions including: 

  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy 
  • Reduced risk of errors 
  • Reduces the time it takes for reconciliations to take place
  • Automated remittance of franchise fees, royalties, and sales tax according to your sales results through CLEARVIEW’s corporate function

You no longer have to manually key in all of your GL entries or worry about potential errors. With CLEARVIEW, the accounting tasks that you or your accountant do on a recurring basis are now almost completely automated. Once you define your general ledger structure, you simply log into the system, click a button, and it exports your results in your desired format. 

CLEARVIEW’s corporate remittance function allows for a streamlined, timely and simplistic approach to the reconciliation of associated rent, royalty, and advertising fees.  By assisting with timely and accurate reconciliation of accounting and corporate reporting tasks, you can better support the other key areas of your business.

Eliminate errors with CLEARVIEW.