We offer more than just a paycheck.

We understand that today’s workforce is constantly evolving and highly competitive.

That’s why we offer more than just a paycheck to our team. Our fast-moving but casual culture provides flexibility and an environment where people feel comfortable being themselves. Whether building amazing products, supporting our customers or helping our business grow, our people excel and have fun doing it.

  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Comprehensive Total Compensation Package
  • Superior Health & Wellness Benefits Program
  • Established Company with a Tight-Knit Culture
  • Casual Business, Not Business Casual

Why work with us

  • We work with industry giants like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Wendy’s, A&W, Popeyes, Mary Brown’s Fried Chicken, and Dairy Queen. 
  • We work with passionate, community-minded, forward-thinking, technical and business professionals. 
  • We are a global leader in SaaS solutions for restaurants and our technology has been deployed to over 10,000 restaurants worldwide.

What We Offer

Flexible Work Environment 

If you love working from home but still find it advantageous to be able to collaborate in person with your team, you’re in the right place! At CLEARVIEW, there are no expectations to work in the office every day, but employees have the opportunity to book meeting rooms or desk space at our local offices any time they want. Maintaining a flexible work environment ensures that we can accommodate both remote and local team members.

Superior Health & Wellness Benefits Program 

With increasing importance placed on both physical and mental wellbeing, enabling a culture of health and wellness is a top priority for CLEARVIEW. We proudly offer our employees one of the most comprehensive and competitive health plans on the market. From your basic health needs through a wide range of paramedical services, mental health support and wellness offerings, our 100% company paid benefits package will take care of you.

Comprehensive Total Compensation Package 

We understand that today’s workforce is constantly evolving and highly competitive. As such, we want to not only encourage but reward our employees for taking steps along their career development paths. CLEARVIEW offers training and ongoing learning opportunities to help our employees grow. On top of helping meet your career goals, our employee incentive program, referral program, and 5% RRSP matching can help you achieve your life goals.

Established Company with a Tight-Knit Culture

At CLEARVIEW, we are big enough to be a recognizable and established company, while small enough to avoid all the red tape that comes with being a larger company. From having direct communication with our CEO to being able to openly express your opinions, everyone at CLEARVIEW has the ability to participate in impactful work. You can feel confident working on a team where your talent, skills and creativity will be appreciated and valued.

Casual Business, Not Business Casual 

Business casual attire is a term of the past for CLEARVIEW employees, there are no barriers to entry based on your apparel. We gladly allow our team the chance to dress comfortably and express their personalities. After all, we believe that your talent and sense of professionalism is not tied to what you’re wearing. Despite wearing a t-shirt and jeans, you can still experience growth opportunities and contribute to our company in meaningful ways. Our informal environment is known for fostering strong relationships and even friendships both inside and outside of work.

Join the CLEARVIEW team.

“I have been with CLEARVIEW for 14 years. CLEARVIEW and its employees strive to supply their customers with a comprehensive and reliable product which needs to be supported by the best infrastructure. Being in IT Operations I have been able to work with leading-edge technologies which have provided me with the opportunity to advance in my career from Network Administrator to IT Operations Manager and more..”

Chris T.

“CLEARVIEW has always supported my growth, both as a professional and personally. My strengths are leveraged and challenged, building confidence in my role, and encouraging career development. By working alongside the best in the industry, I’m able to focus on helping our customers not only meet but surpass their business goals.​”

Catherine GJ.

“From the very beginning of my start with CLEARVIEW, I’ve felt valued and that they were excited to have me join the team. In my experience, they have given me every opportunity to showcase and develop my talents and to expand my role. The people here are all brilliant to work with and go out of their way to create a great sense of community. Managers are considerate of my time off and flexible with my schedule. I look forward to many more years at CLEARVIEW!”

Emily N.

“CLEARVIEW provides me with the flexibility to always put my family first.”

Andrew T.

“I have been with CLEARVIEW for 19 years. The company has provided an environment where I am constantly learning and being challenged by the world-class colleagues that have been assembled here!”

Mark M.

“Great colleagues who respect each other on both a professional and personal level!”

Shawn W.