Our Story

Simplifying the world of food service. 

Founded in 2000, CLEARVIEW was purpose-built to simplify the world of food service.

CLEARVIEW’s founders used Windows 95 and a webserver to write an initial web-based application to make the management of multiple quick-service restaurants easier. They recognized the potential of technology to make lives easier for everyone involved in the restaurant industry.

Our team culture is built on the foundation of merging complementary skills that were used towards a common goal of improving the restaurant industry. Our founders had been working with Tim Hortons and other quick-service restaurants to implement and modernize Panasonic POS offerings. They combined invaluable knowledge and insight gained while managing multiple Tim Hortons restaurants with an expert coder and designer who put theory into practice.  

The restaurant business is a complicated, fast-moving business.

From a single store to global franchises, it requires complex planning, tracking and forecasting to get it right.  

Since then, our technology has helped pioneer the world of restaurant management software.

Beginning as an innovative labor-management tool, CLEARVIEW quickly expanded to include industry-leading financial and inventory management functionalities. CLEARVIEW’s flexible and scalable cloud-based solution optimizes and automates food orders, cash management, scheduling, financial tracking, reporting, and much more, maximizing profits from every dollar earned. Our solution provides unprecedented business insight for restaurants, multi-unit operators and franchisors at both individual store and aggregate levels. 

CLEARVIEW’s future will continue to be dictated by our ability to help our customers make better business decisions. We will continue to work directly with all our customers to ensure our product roadmap and vision are aligned with current customer needs, and industry innovation. Success means finding the place where best practices, customers’ needs, and efficient, time-saving technology all converge.

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