Complete HR Suite

From hire to retire, the CLEARVIEW HR suite truly has it all: HR management, time tracking, and performance review tools, scheduling, and facilitates the timely and accurate delivery of working results to payroll providers.

CLEARVIEW was designed to be a one-stop solution for all your human resources needs. Our suite includes everything from onboarding, time and attendance to performance management and everything in between. We have you and your employees HR needs covered. 

Here’s how our custom cloud-based HR suite can benefit your organization:

Time Tracking

By using the CLEARVIEW time clock or another compatible clock solution, all hours worked are captured and viewable in real-time.  Easily track and flag all shifts missed, along with early/late analysis for any given shift, employee, and date range.  We make it easy to manage exceptions and handle them quickly with advanced reporting tools. 

Time Off Requests

Configure rules related to when, how and which staff can request time of.  Manager receive alerts related to these request and are able to take action and communicate the approval/rejection/proposed modification directly to the employee. We automatically map the status of every request from who initiated the request, to who approved or rejected it and finally to who is assigned the task of approving any exceptions.  

Performance Management

Our performance management solution provides managers with a powerful tool for scheduling, alerting for upcoming and/or overdue reviews, applying review grades, and auto-applying pay increases based on an employees job and grade.

Employee Files

Centralize a digital file of all your employee’s past & present information with a full set of contact information, job & pay qualifications, which locations they work at, their availability and much much more.

Internal Checklist of HR Documents

Keep your business organized with a dedicated checklist of files on hand for each employee.

Certification Management & Tracking

Ensure staff are properly certified across internal training, management, safety and food training. 

Our Complete HR Suite is one of the market’s most comprehensive suites of human resources modules. It’s not just HR in a box, it’s a custom experience for your employees and an invaluable tool for your managers.  

A one-stop-shop solution to your restaurant’s human resource needs.