Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

With CLEARVIEW, all inventory usage, actual and theoretical, is calculated using true First-In-First-Out (FIFO) based costing to show you exactly what your cost of goods sold and profit margins are, period.  

The CLEARVIEW FIFO cost of usage engine takes all of each restaurant’s specific purchase and transfer history, to build out an exact trail of all stock coming in, in what quantities and price. As stock is prepared and sold to customers, wasted, or transferred to another restaurant, CLEARVIEW uses the actual stock item value of the specific products to determine and valuate the exact costs.   You may not be able to control your supply chain pricing fluctuation, but you can monitor and minimize the impacts to your bottom line.

Menu Margin Assessment

CLEARVIEW provides the insights to help you identify how much profit is being incurred for each menu item so that you can make two key business decisions to help your margins grow; you can either make price increases on low margin menu offerings or alternatively, you can launch promotions on high margin offerings. We assist you in making these strategic price changes and/or promotions that will help grow your margins and lead to your restaurant’s utmost success. 

Supply Chain Pricing Impacts

As a restaurant operator, you unfortunately have no control over the price of your ingredients which can fluctuate often. CLEARVIEW’s FIFO model automatically includes those price changes but only on the affected quantity purchased at that amount. We monitor the impacts that these pricing fluctuations have on your margins and help you make informed decisions to help you hit your targets. This equips owners and operators with key insights to help assess stock sourcing and impact of menu pricing on their bottom line.  

With CLEARVIEW’s Cost of Goods Sold and automatic FIFO pricing, you will have a completely accurate tracking of costs and visibility into margins that will enable you to mitigate the impacts of supply chain pricing fluctuations.  Maximize the profit of every revenue dollar earned.  

Take control of tracking the costs of your ingredients with CLEARVIEW.