Daily Task Automation

No more wasting your valuable time on tedious office activities.

CLEARVIEW’s daily task automation takes away the burden of manually reporting your POS transactions.

There are a variety of tasks that must be done to ensure quality control in any restaurant. These include tracking cash flow for security purposes, ensuring proper deposits, tracking employee hours, etc. The CLEARVIEW daily task automation takes these timely manual operational tasks and digests a succinct, more discreet list of activities required to be completed. Some tasks become fully automated while others are streamlined and made easier and quicker to complete.

Some examples of the daily activities that become automated and streamlined with CLEARVIEW: 

  • Financial reconciliation
  • Royalty calculations and remittance of results to corporate
  • Cash management tasks such as daily deposits, paid outs & tips 
  • Ensuring all employees working hours are properly captured and reported to payroll 
  • Alerting supervisors to any missing/invalid check list tasks 
  • Automated and scheduled delivery of reports

Overall, the daily task automation aspect of CLEARIVEW allows for better accuracy and compliance with standard operating procedures. CLEARVIEW can provide alerts for most automated tasks to ensure any outliers are easily recognized and corrected during daily verifications. It gives you more time to focus on achieving better customer experiences and higher profits. CLEARVIEW is all about making operations easier and more efficient for restaurant managers and operators. 

 Get better accuracy and compliance with standard operating procedures in CLEARVIEW.