Employee Engagement

Ensure your employees stay connected with their manager, restaurant and schedule with the CLEARVIEW Employee experience. 

Employee Engagement is one of the most undervalued factors in success for restaurants. The right tools can easily promote disciplined work practices while creating an environment where employees feel heard and wanted.  

You can ensure your staff are ready to go when the restaurant opens with a pre-shift meeting, and give them tasks to be completed before customers arrive so they can hit the ground running. Managers can send messages to one or more employees, post news bulletins about important information all staff are required to see, respond to time-off requests, and one tap is all it takes for managers to update schedules instantly via CLEARVIEW’s automated system.  

Ensuring that team members show up when you need them most will help your business thrive. When everyone knows what needs to be done, each member of your workforce will be more engaged and efficient individually. 

Additional details of the CLEARVIEW Employee experience: 

  • Personalized messaging from managers to employees 
  • News & updates from management 
  • Store & restaurant events, sales & promotions 
  • Notifications for upcoming shifts with all required details (time, location, etc.) 
  • Ability to request time off
  • Time off request approval timeline now customizable by Admin   
  • Viewing of schedules and hours worked
  • Easily switch between restaurants using your preferred device (mobile/laptop/tablet)  
  • Ability to add/edit/remove team members from your account & restaurant setup

Stay connected with your employees and optimize engagement.