Flexible P&L Engine

CLEARVIEW’s P&L engine is customized to your particular needs or pre-configured for the corporate standard. 

P&L is all about tracking all the various sources of revenue against all the expenses incurred at your operation, putting it on a general ledger, and providing you with profitability analysis. The P&L engine is the heart of your business and has to be flexible enough to track profit and loss for in-progress periods while keeping full integrity from a historical perspective. Additionally, it needs to automatically populate most line items using source revenue and cost data while also allowing it to manually enter period-specific results. 

The CLEARVIEW P&L engine is fully integrated within your back office. All related revenue and cost centers are automatically calculated based on the week/month actual activity (sales, labor, inventory, etc.). CLEARVIEW puts all your accounting activity into one snapshot that can be done in-house or pushed to external systems. 

Make CLEARVIEW the P&L engine at the heart of your business.