Flexible Reporting

CLEARVIEW’s flexible reporting feature allows for interactive and exploratory insights into your business. 

Depending on your business needs and priorities, CLEARVIEW will present you with various levels of aggregation and insights. With our flexible reporting feature, you can instantly view sales-related performance for any time period, including real-time analysis for the current business day. It provides restaurant owners and operators with the ability to focus on a single restaurant, custom groups, or consolidated results for your entire organization. 

Our flexible reporting allows you to view a variety of KPI results by running various financial reports and dashboards for individual stores, store groups, brands, or an entire company. A few examples of these flexible options include:  

  • Individual Stores – Compare restaurant performance side by side on one screen or export the data to excel or send it via email.  
  • Custom Store Groupings – Group “like locations” together and compare aggregate performance against other groupings (i.e. Freestanding restaurants vs Malls, or East vs West etc.)
  • Consolidation – Analyze the performance of your entire organization in a centralized top-down view that allows for drilling down into the performance of store groupings and stores directly. 
  • What to measure performance against – Historical results, forecasted expectations, other restaurants and groups
  • What period to assess – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Whether you want to see the big picture or perform a comparative analysis of restaurants, our flexible reporting helps provide a clear snapshot of which stores are excelling, and which stores may need more attention. Ensure all of your restaurants are hitting their targets with this reporting tool.   

CLEARVIEW will allow you to instantly view sales-related performance for any time period.