Inventory Forecasting

Order and prepare enough stock to meet upcoming demands while minimizing stock overhead and waste costs.      

Accurate forecasting is key to building a lean and efficient inventory plan in which there are neither more nor less than the required amounts on hand at any given time. To do this CLEARVIEW assesses several key areas: 

  • Historical sales vs. usage trends
  • Seasonality and cyclical factors
  • Promotion participation
  • Build to’s and current stock levels

CLEARVIEW includes many powerful tools designed to give you complete control of inventory levels throughout your operation – from initial purchasing decisions based on projected demand, through actual stock-keeping of finished goods, to the scheduling of deliveries according to your established priorities. 

Any inventory system must balance several competing considerations: maintaining sufficient stock levels while minimizing overhead costs and waste; meeting demand with appropriate inventory levels; anticipating future business trends, and taking advantage of the flexibility of manual inventory controls when necessary. CLEARVIEW’s inventory forecasting is customizable for your business’s size, type, and volume of sales. It’s also flexible enough to meet changing conditions, yet easy to use by all employees; and it ensures that no more than the appropriate amount of inventory is purchased at any time. 

With CLEARVIEW’s Inventory Forecasting feature, you can check the accuracy of your production for the day in progress and monitor it in real-time. Knowing this information can help you adjust accordingly based on cooking under or over throughout the day. It will also make recommendations for your different types of recipes, such as suggesting preparing more raw ingredients, or batch recipes made fresh daily.   

Improved inventory control reduces errors, provides more dependable support for decision-making and allows management to react quickly and intelligently when circumstances change.  

Improve inventory control today.