Inventory Usage Variance

With CLEARVIEW’s Inventory Usage Management, you can quickly pinpoint the top 20 stock items with the largest opportunity for savings and begin building an action plan to ensure correct preparation, portioning, and recipes are being followed. 

You can monitor these items closely by running daily, or even mid-day counts until the variance levels are under control. The ability to react and monitor the top 20 variance items allows the restaurant team to use their time as efficiently as possible while having the greatest impact on profitability. It also allows owner/operators and mid-management to monitor food cost profitability across multiple restaurants, recognize trends and share strategies to improve low-performing locations.  

CLEARVIEW helps identify and take action on slow-moving items, expired products, incorrect quantities, early obsolescence, and lost or stolen items. You can reduce shrink and prevent out-of-stocks by identifying theft before it occurs. With advanced reporting capabilities, you can measure your success over time with tabular and graphical data.  

Take action over your inventory management with CLEARVIEW.