Menu Promotion Planning

Automatically incorporate projected increases and decreases in menu item demand based on upcoming promotions to ensure stock levels align with expected promotional impacts.

To ensure successful menu promotion planning, CLEARVIEW takes into account restaurants’ promotional calendars and the expected success of each promotion. Once a new promotion is planned, menu, and therefore stock item demand projections, are recalculated based on when customers will most likely be ordering the promotional items. As promotions are introduced within a given time frame, projected plate needs are updated so that kitchen production and stock replenishment algorithms take into account these customer trends. This innovative tracking mechanism ensures no shortage or overstock situation will occur while keeping all costs at an absolute minimum. 

Changes in projected demand are highlighted automatically so planners can take action before problems arise. Creating more awareness around new products and product launches is another benefit of CLEARVIEW’s Menu Promotion Planning because it gives planners solid data to back up their requests with upper management. This increases the chances of getting approved for promotions during budget meetings and creating marketing opportunities they otherwise couldn’t have. 

Menu item margin analysis helps pinpoint which offerings would be best suited for promotion while helping identify items that are not being promoted enough or too often which are not showing a good return on investment. Both have negative effects on the profitability of an operation, especially when considering how important it is for customers to see new products and promotions during their visit. 

By making sure there is never too much inventory on hand or not enough production capacity, CLEARVIEW is able to help clients manage their food and labor expenses while increasing sales.

Ensure stock levels align with expected promotional impacts.