Optimized Scheduling

For any manager who wants to run a smooth floor plan and any operator who wants complete control over their labor costs.      

Our scheduling tool not only provides easy-to-use functionality but also gives managers full transparency into their labor planning. At a glance, managers can see how much money the company is spending on labor at different times of the day and compare this to the actual number of customers they served and how much revenue was generated. Based on this information, managers can adjust their staffing levels quickly and easily in order to better align them with customer demand.

Customize your suggested scheduling method to be based on revenue or customer volume.  Define your own labor guides that specify the appropriate staffing levels based on volume.  Apply specific guides to specific days, dayparts or hours.

Using your personalized labor guides and target and the advanced labor forecasting of CLEARVIEW, Managers get a complete snapshot of the labor performance metrics for their entire restaurant, or by job department, for every period (week/day/day part/hour/15 minutes) including:  

  • A suggested ideal number of staff vs actual staff scheduled
  • Labor cost targets vs actual (Total cost or as a % of sales)
  • Productivity rating ( Sales or Customers per labor hour)

With a CLEARVIEW optimized schedule, you will always have the right people working on the right things at the right time.

Get complete control over your restaurant’s labor costs.