Integration coming soon: Ameego Workforce Management

Since 2006, Ameego has been helping restaurants create better employee schedules. Not schedules that are copied over from the previous week, or schedules that are based on a whim instead of a budget; better schedules. Schedules that save management time, reduce labor costs, and make staff happy.

Our original mission was to design software that would create schedules in a fraction of the time, and allow staff to check their schedules online. Since then we’ve seen that we can do that and so much more.

We’ve been developing more features that add value to owners and operators, and we will continue to collaborate to find the best new ideas possible as we move forward. As the restaurant industry and the economy evolves, we will continue to stay ahead of the curve and arm restaurants with the tools they need to control their labour costs and be more profitable. In an industry where the average net profit for restaurants is only 2-6%, anything that helps increase that profit is key.

But most of all, we love working in restaurants and with restaurants. We love driving innovation. And we believe that anything is possible.

Optimize your labor and save 3% of your revenue

Create schedules in minutes, streamline changes and reminders, hit labor targets.

Make peak times more manageable for your team.

Thanks to data-backed labor forecasts, you’re setting your team up for success every time you create an optimized schedule with Ameego. Schedule your high performers where you need them – across multiple locations and brands, within one platform.

Swap shifts without chasing people down.

Rather than individually asking team members if they can cover a shift, your staff can view and make requests in-app. All you have to do now is approve the change.

Streamline processes with POS and payroll integrations.

Manually entering data isn’t the most exciting to-do and when you’re doing so much of it – errors can happen. Integrations check this off your list and ensure that your inputs are accurate across all platforms.

Effortlessly track who’s punched in or on break.

Manually recording who started their shift and when, who’s on break, and who has left for the day is a chore. Punching in and out with Ameego, using the format that is best for your team makes payroll painless with accurate timesheets. 

Access and manage schedules from anywhere.

Now you can communicate with your team and address requests without being tied to the office. No more team members missing shifts or showing up at the wrong time or location. Your team will be able to see their work schedules in the palm of their hands. 


Integration coming soon.


Future Connections: Seamlessly sychronize employee records, timecards, forecast, and schedule.

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