Connected Solutions: Paradox Applicant Track System


Paradox is the conversational recruiting platform that automates up to 99% of the hiring process with next-gen ATS, CRM, and Career Site solutions through mobile apply, automated screening, instant scheduling, and onboarding. Paradox saves recruiters and hiring managers hours every day while delivering the world’s best, most frictionless candidate experience.

The ATS built for frontline workers — and loved by managers.

What if your ATS actually helped you hire faster? What if it was driven by world-class, mobile-first experiences that increased conversion and automated work for your managers? Say hello to the applicant tracking system, reimagined.

Paradox’s Conversational ATS makes every touchpoint text- and chat-first, cutting weeks off the hiring process for a <7 day average time to hire.

Instantly post jobs with one tap. Turn jobs on and off right from the Paradox mobile app or on desktop. Amplify reach of open roles to ideal audiences across more than thousands of job boards with programmatic advertising.

Attract candidates anywhere with QR codes and text-to-apply. Attract job seekers and quickly move them through the funnel with QR codes and customizable text-to-apply short codes that turn any location into free advertising.

Increase candidate conversion with text and chat driven applications. No logins, passwords, or account creation necessary. Applicants start the application & screening process through SMS, WhatsApp, or FB Messenger whenever they want, and can resume at another time if something comes up.

Instantly screen for minimum qualifications. Eliminate phone screens by sending candidates questions through their preferred messaging or SMS app to answer simple questions about their qualifications and experience.

Reduce short-term turnover— and improve 90-day retention. Measure candidate personality strengths and soft skills through virtual assessments, plus ask questions based on their results to place them in the best role.

Automate interview scheduling to save hours daily. Invite qualified candidates to select an interview time based on the hiring manager’s availability. If something comes up and they need to reschedule, candidates can text and receive a new list of available time slots.

Skip the in-person interview with recorded interviews. Want to accelerate hiring even more? Bypass the in-person interview with recorded video or audio responses to interview prompts.


Automatically load new employee hires into Clearview for use with your time & attendance, scheduling and workforce management solutions.


Paradox integrates directly via API so that every new employee automatically syncs with Clearview.

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