Production Planning

CLEARVIEW’s advanced inventory forecasting helps you build a successful kitchen production plan by predicting a customer menu demands down to the 15-minute level of detail.  Stop your managers from setting menu and prep items “build to” and “holding” based on their gut.

As a fully flexible and customizable kitchen production engine, restaurants can incorporate these predictions across the full product lifecycle from restocking, thaw, prep, pre-cook, bake and of course holding units. Inclusion of each item’s primary and secondary shelf life ensures the product you serve is fresh & fast! 

Designed by kitchen managers, a range of made-to-order and make-to-stock configurations are available for you to choose from. Highly configurable, production plans can be fully tailored for a particular time of day and kitchen station. Each day and station is then planned using data driven suggestions for how much of a given item to prepare or cook at any given time.

CLEARVIEW’s Production Planning assists with:

  • Minimizing waste of raw and competed items
  • Improving Speed of Service, customer throughput & satisfaction
  • Adherence to shelf-life standards
  • Predicting seasonal / LTO menu impacts

CLEARVIEW’s Production Planning can be configured to:

  • Set minimum and maximum quantities to prepare of any given item at particular times of day
  • Apply item level buffering for the staples of your menu
  • Set the station, time and frequency that the preparation of a given item takes place at
  • Determine the length of time it takes to complete the preparation of an item (i.e. Time to thaw, cook…)
  • Enforce brand standards across all applicable restaurants

With a couple clicks a day, CLEARVIEW can help guide your kitchen team towards a smooth, controlled and efficient shift that minimizes waste and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Ensure that freshness is maintained, waste is reduced and customer throughput is increased.