Quick & Accurate Stock Counts

Though CLEARVIEW can limit the frequency at which counting stock is required, and how long it takes to complete, stock taking is still a manual task that all restaurants must do.  Finish these tasks more quickly and prevent tracking errors that negatively impact your cost of goods sold analysis.

CLEARVIEW’s Quick & Accurate Stock Counts help you easily track your food, paper, cleaning or any other stock items all the way from delivery, into your coolers or freezers, through preparation and after service to ensure nothing is wasted. 

Prevent miscounting of stock by comparing what was physically counted with what CLEARVIEW has automatically calculated as your expected stock level, all in real-time.  Incorrect inventory counts have serious downstream impacts to the running a profitable and efficient restaurant, stop correcting mistakes and start preventing them.

With the ability to customize the layout of your count sheets to match that of your restaurant, CLEARVIEW shows exactly where you can expect things like your chicken or drinks to be stored – allowing managers and staff to walk into their coolers, freezers or other areas with confidence knowing nothing will be missed.  Now add in the ability to have multiple staff performing the count at the same time and you will never know how you got by without it.

CLEARVIEW takes advantage of modern technology by offering a fully functional offline mode – allowing our customers to do their counts in Wi-Fi and cellular dead zones without any interruption. 

Utilize CLEARVIEW Stock Counts to make better managers and to increase accuracy and business insights into Costs of Goods sold performance. 

Get on the right side of inventory management with CLEARVIEW’s Quick & Accurate Stock Counts.