Real-Time Insights

Gain a deep understanding of your restaurant(s) performance in a timeline that most impactful to your business…now! 

Having instant access to what’s going on inside your business at any given time is key to hitting your targets. Make adjustments on the fly to improve operations using real-time data-driven insights. With CLEARVIEW’s up-to-the-minute sales, labor and inventory insights, you’re always on top and in charge. 

With our real-time insights, you can measure performance up to the very moment. This can help you answer questions like, am I on target and what can I do to get better?

When we say real-time, we mean it.  Assess performance across the in-progress year, quarter, month, week all the way down to the current minute of the current business day.

Stay on top of your results so far and in front of future issues with CLEARVIEW real-time insights.