Real-Time Stock Levels

Instant visibility into up-to-the-minute stock levels helps ensure on hand and prepared stock is sufficient to meet demand while minimizing waste.      

Having instant access to accurate stock levels is key to preventing stock-outs and spoilage. Additional benefits of real-time stock are:

  • Ensure utilization of every product is maximized, and costs are minimized
  • Reduced labor required for ordering/replenishing stock levels 
  • Monitor specific items throughout the week across all locations without having to be on-site 
  • Enables restaurant managers to transfer out excess stock to avoid waste
  • Automatic par levels for when items need to be reordered 
  • Ability to set custom safety stock at the item level 

CLEARVIEW’s Real-Time Stock Level is a business-critical, proactive solution that monitors and controls the stock levels of every product by incorporating your official recipes against every customers order in real-time. The system continually analyzes sales and waste of different items on the fly and spearheads real-time ordering before stock levels become critical, ultimately generating an estimated lead time for runs of specific products. With this information readily available, you can replenish inventory more accurately and timely than ever before.

Real-time tracking means you can avoid logistical nightmares by knowing exactly what’s on your shelves at all times, when it needs restocking, and which locations have too little or too much in stock. You’ll know how much inventory you have for each item at every location while maintaining the highest level of accountability for your workforce. Monitoring this data daily can help reduce confusion caused by vague monthly reporting, while also preventing shortages from occurring in the first place. 

CLEARVIEW’s Real-Time Stock Levels give managers at all levels of the organization full visibility into the sales and movements of inventory within their organization. The complete aggregation of data means managers will spend less time reordering items, freeing them up to focus on other important areas within their business.

Learn how CLEARVIEW can help in preventing stock-outs and spoilage.