Sales forecasting is one of the most important predictive tools in building and executing a successful restaurant plan.

CLEARVIEW provides critical insights for future planning and adjustments as needed so that everything runs smoothly at all times. 

Restaurants are more powerful and profitable when they know exactly how much inventory to order and prepare, or how many employees to staff to serve their customers the product they love in a timely manner. The use of a single centralized forecast to prepare each restaurant for upcoming sales & transaction volume, menu items and raw ingredient demands is a powerful tool to help increase profitability. CLEARVIEW ensures your staffing, your kitchen, and stock rooms are all armed and capable of meeting the demand without overstaffing or overstocking.

CLEARVIEW sales forecasting feature allows you to compare your forecast with actual results for the year, the week, the day, and the rush period up to the current hour live. Having a snapshot of your forecasted and actual results provide visibility into the success of your plan so far. This provides restaurant managers and operators with key insights to see if you’re hitting your targets, maintaining your budget and where to focus your teams’ efforts moving forward.  

Controlling your costs with our predictive sales forecast will lead you to efficient restaurant operations while also providing an improved guest experience.   

Get critical insights into your business.