Suggested Ordering

Remove the guesswork when placing your food and paper orders.  Allow CLEARVIEW to do the heavy lifting required to remain lean while still meeting customer demands. Managers save time, Operators save money!   

With CLEARVIEW’s advanced forecasting, your team will no longer be required to perform stock counts or to manually define build-to (par) levels for the current order cycle.  CLEARVIEW automatically calculates each of your restaurants “stock on hand” and “build to (par)” levels based on sales history, inventory needs, and projected sales; then continuously re-evaluates these calculations as factors such as seasonality and promotions change. This ensures you will always have the right amount of product in stock – preventing lost sales due to empty shelves and excess inventory costs. Our software has been proven to drastically reduce over-ordering while preventing under-ordering, resulting in fewer lost sales, less money being tied up in stock and happier customers. 

Now for the proverbial icing on the cake, with CLEARVIEW’s electronic integrations with major food and paper vendors, stock maintenance, ordering, and receiving is made even easier in the following ways:

  • Stock Item List:  There is literally no manual effort required to keep your stock list up to date with the changing of pricing, or addition and removals of SKU’s.  All of this happens automatically as part of our collaboration with your vendor and their warehouses
  • Submitting Orders:  Upon reviewing and optionally adjusting the suggested order quantities, simply click a button to have that order provided to your vendor for processing
  • Receiving:  Utilizing your warehouse supplied “Advanced Shipping Notices”, the exact details of your delivery invoice, including short shipments and ordered product replacements, are available on your phone or tablet before the delivery truck arrives.  Receiving and spot-checking deliveries has never been easier!

Using CLEARVIEW to help control and operate your inventory is like having a team of food service consultants standing by 24/7 working to keep your business running smoothly. That’s real ROI! 

Let CLEARVIEW remove all of the guesswork.