Are inventory inefficiencies eroding your profits?

Control inventory costs with CLEARVIEW

One of the most common ways quick-service restaurants hemorrhage money is through inefficient management of inventory. Whether it’s by being understocked or overstocked, these inefficiencies will quickly erode profits. The CLEARVIEW advantage has helped our partners save between 2%-5% on the cost of goods sold (COGS). That’s because we help them maintain optimal stock levels all the way from the supply chain to holding cabinet replenishment.

How CLEARVIEW helps you find inventory efficiencies and control costs

True Real-Time Stock Levels

By providing up to the minute, on-hand levels of inventory, CLEARVIEW enables you to prevent spoilage or out of stock situations that can erode profitability.

Fully Automated Suggested Ordering

It allows you to remain lean while meeting demand by using historical usage patterns and future forecasted demand to build on-demand ordering. Which saves time, human resources, and money!

100% FIFO costing of theoretical and actual goods sold

We all know that First in and First out is a staple of any kitchen. Why settle for anything less from your cost of usage reporting? With CLEARVIEW every menu item you sell to your customers uses the appropriate pricing following the same FIFO standards as your kitchen. This unprecedented level of accuracy provides owners /operators with the ability to pinpoint and focus on addressing the highest impact variances.

Flexible Count Cycles

Allows you to count any item at any time, including multiple times per day for those particularly problematic stock items you are currently focused on improving.

Theoretical On-Hand

Up to the minute, CLEARVIEW calculated, stock levels stop stock counting errors in their tracks. How does it get better than seeing what you should have in stock directly on the same screen you are entering your actual stock levels?

Recommended Cost-Savings Opportunities

We help you see the forest through the trees. All stock has the potential for excess usage due to spoilage, over-portioning, or outright theft, with CLEARVIEW’s top 20 opportunities report we get rid of the noise and allow you to focus on the items having the largest impact to your bottom line.

Kitchen Production Levels

Ensure all steps in the production line are adequately stocked to handle your customers’ demands while minimizing waste and stock-out scenarios.  From Thaw to Prep to Cook and Hold, CLEARVIEW has your back.

If you aren’t yet harnessing the power of CLEARVIEW’s capabilities, it’s very likely your inventory chain is not as efficient as it could be, and that will directly affect your bottom line.

To find out how CLEARVIEW can work for you, contact our sales department at + 1 866 687 8027, or by email.