CLEARVIEW Releases New Schedule Functionality!

CLEARVIEW Releases New Schedule Functionality!

To keep quick-service businesses operating smoothly and delivering great guest experiences, you need the right number of staff with the right skills working at the right time. Too many staff on, and labor costs cut into profits. Too few, and the customer experience and brand image are compromised.

CLEARVIEW’s new Schedule is a flexible and easy-to-use tool to help franchisors and multi-unit owner-operators manage their staffing levels and human resources activities for optimal efficiency and minimal labor costs.

Screenshot of CLEARVIEW's new scheduling system.

Key features and benefits:

  • User friendly and intuitive, providing easy editing, drag and drop functionality, touch screen friendly, and the ability to save and apply templates
  • Greater customization and preferencing from a store or org level, such as colour coding schedules, setting paid and unpaid scheduled breaks, default shift lengths, positioning options,  and more
  • Eliminates barriers when creating and editing schedules, provides notifications when data entry does not comply with set rules, allowing you to make betters scheduling decisions
  • Incorporates features such as icons and popups to provide visual indicators and notifications

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