Keep your business running leaner and stronger than ever

Mastering your financials with CLEARVIEW

In the quick-service restaurant business, the more insight you have on how your business is performing, the better equipped you are to make the necessary adjustments to make your operation even more profitable. CLEARVIEW gives you a detailed snapshot of both immediate and long-term perspectives. Here are some ways it can streamline your business and help to reduce costs.

Know how your business is performing.

Minimize Manual Data Entry

Not only saves you time, but the elimination of human error means you can be sure your information is accurate every time.

Flexible Reporting Options

Allows you to instantly view results of one or all of your restaurants across any time period including: Live, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Fiscal periods.

Enhanced Integrated Sales Forecasting

By using historical sales performance, CLEARVIEW can accurately predict future demands, allowing us to provide you with optimum recommendations to streamline kitchen production, food and paper orders, and scheduling for maximum efficiency and cost savings

Detailed POS Reporting

Full visibility into transaction-level detail information from your POS system means you can easily pinpoint suspicious activity and training opportunities that will further improve your bottom line.

Seamless Integration with Companion Platforms

Greatly reduces manual labor and saves time by interconnecting and sharing appropriate data between POS systems, accounting packages, payroll providers, and supply chains.

Real-time Data Analytics

With up to the minute sales figures broken down by register, shift, cashier, or day so far, you can adjust to improve operations faster and easier than ever before.

Flexible P&L Engine

Allows for full customization of all line items, providing automated gathering and reporting of all revenue and cost centers.

CLEARVIEW analyzes your financials and makes recommendations to keep your business running leaner and stronger than ever.

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