Control labor costs without sacrificing on quality of service

Make day-to-day labor-management easier and more profitable with CLEARVIEW

It’s  been said that of all the costs associated with running a restaurant – food & beverage,  equipment, POS system utilities,  and  labor, the latter is  often the largest and arguably  the most important.  Whether you are effectively managing  labor  costs is going to largely determine whether the business will be profitable.

Controlling  labor  costs is trickier than it may seem at first glance. Cutting back on staff may seem like a quick-fix but what happens when the staffing shortage starts to impact  the customer service experience. Replacing experienced staff with cheaper less-experienced staff is equally problematic.

So how do you  keep labor costs in check without sacrificing on the quality of service?  The answer lies in the CLEARVIEW advantage!

From scheduling to real-time  labor  insights  to compliance, CLEARVIEW  not only makes day-to-day  labor-management easier, but it can also  save money  along the way.  That’s  because of the automated functions of  CLEARVIEW’s industry-leading demand planning solution to  keep your operation running at optimal efficiency. Here are  just  some of the ways  CLEARVIEW  can help streamline your business.

Optimal Scheduling Recommendations 

One of the fastest ways to erode profitability is to either overstaff or understaff your restaurant. The former is like burning cash and the latter will kill you by bad word-of-mouth  and loss of  repeat business. As restaurant demand ebbs and flows throughout the day, how can you be sure you always have the right amount  of  staff in at any given time?

With its  labor targets vs forecasted demand  optimal schedule recommendations,  CLEARVIEW  will automatically propose a schedule with the ideal number of staff  and  information from the centralized forecast based on various performance targets. Using real data from past performance,  CLEARVIEW  will suggest a schedule that  has the right number of people on the job at all times. It can also factor in parameters like overtime to ensure costs  don’t  unnecessarily escalate.

Additionally,  CLEARVIEW  can automatically  set the  ideal schedule  based on compliance parameters. It  can  factor in conditions such as  the  minimum number of hours between shifts and  the  maximum number of consecutive working days.  If a staff member tries to change their schedule in a way that would violate compliance parameters, you will be notified instantly.

Real-Time Labor Insights

Another huge part of keeping  labor  costs in check involves staying on top of current developments and pivoting when necessary. This can only be done when you  have the ability to  get a snapshot of  labor  demand in real-time. Only when you can see deviations from traditional norms can you adjust accordingly.

CLEARVIEW provides up to the second detailed information on  key indicators like  labor percent, sales per man hour, transaction per man hour at a daily, weekly, or time of day.  With a glance at the dashboard, you’ll  get  real-time visibility into who is on the clock and who is on break.

Hassle-Free Labor Administration 

Another aspect of the  CLEARVIEW  advantage is the peace of mind that comes with staying on top of  labor  administrative tasks quickly and easily.  CLEARVIEW  can save both time and effort by automatically tracking employee rates, milestones, and reviews. It  can  record timecards with audit capabilities as well as seamlessly integrating with payroll vendors.  Improve the accuracy and timeliness of your Payroll.   Say goodbye to long nights spent buried in  paper work!

The platform updates itself in real-time so any change  to  targets,  schedules , or timecards are automatically backfilled through the entire system.

These are just some of the many ways  CLEARVIEW  can help your quick-service restaurant stay on top of  labor  costs and tasks. To learn more, contact our sales department via the form below, at +1 866 687 8027 or by email.