Fully integrated, cloud-based QSR back-office solution that enables you to be more productive, efficient and profitable than ever before

For more than two decades, our easy-to-use and adaptable platform has helped such industry giants as McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Wendy’s, and Dairy Queen streamline production, trim labour expenses and reduce food waste losses. Our all-in-one solution supports all key business areas from operational to analysis by seamlessly integrating with multiple POS systems, accounting packages, payroll vendors, and suppliers.

Our fully multi-lingual platform and robust infrastructure allows fast and easy deployment for all QSRs regardless of location. Our team of experts are available for implementation, training and support – they are just a phone call away!

1.3 million reports generated every day

Over 40,000 restaurant professionals currently use CLEARVIEW to support their daily operations

Over 2 million employee files managed using the CLEARVIEW HR suite

Partners save 1-3% on labor and 3-6% on COGS

10,000 units in the field

Take a closer look below at all the ways CLEARVIEW can make a difference in your business.


Predictive forecasting of sales, guest counts & menu items, all the way down to 15 minute intervals, ensures that your restaurant is properly prepared to efficiently serve your customers the product they love in a timely manner.
All POS transactions, including cash related activities such as payouts, automatically, recorded for you. No manual entry required.
Instantly view sales related performance for any time period, including real-time analysis for current business day. Ability to focus on single restaurant, custom groups or consolidated results for your entire organization.
Make adjustments on the fly to improve operations using real-time data driven insights. With Clearview's up to the minute sales & labor insights, you're always on top and in charge.
Reduce the noise and ensure you are quickly able to focus on the most important areas of your business by customizing your preferred KPI and associated thresholds. Become proactive instead of reactive!
Full visibility into transaction level detail information from your POS system enables you to pinpoint anomalies in transaction types, quantity & amounts across all cashiers, registers & time of day.
The Clearview P&L engine is fully integrated within your back office, which means that all related revenue and cost center's are automatically calculated based on the week/month actual activity (sales, labor, inventory etc). Customized to your particular needs or pre-configured for the corporate standard.
Reduce manual labor and eliminate errors by taking advantage of Clearview's ability to export your GL to the accounting package of your choice. Automate the submission of Sales/Rent/Royalty related results to corporate data warehouses.


Ensure that your CLEARVIEW suggested schedule accurately reflects your organizations required staffing levels based on custom service level targets.
Manage all aspects of your employees in one centralized location and have that information seamlessly transmit to other HR related systems such as payroll. Whether it's time tracking, time-off requests, reviews, certifications or pay & benefit management, CLEARVIEW has you covered.
Ensure your employees stay connected with their manager, restaurant and schedule with the CLEARVIEW Employee companion app. Staff can : View messages & news bulletins from management, be notified when their schedule has been posted, reminded of their upcoming shifts, request time off and receive responses from management...and more. Managers can: Send messages to one or more employees, post news bulletins about important information all staff are required to see, respond to time-off requests, push schedule modifications...and more.
Set company and restaurant targets based on transaction or sales levels to have CLEARVIEW suggest ideal staff levels across all times of the day.
Support your managers in building a labor compliant schedule by setting min/max/target shift lengths, minimum number of hours between shifts, maximum number of consecutive working days…and more.
Up to the minute insights on current business days labor percent, sales or transactions per man hour results, who's late, who's on the clock, who's on break, who's at risk of overtime… and more.
CLEARVIEW keeps a full trail of all manual changes to employee files and timecards to ensure you are protected. Timecards: Monitor each and every change related to clock in/out, breaks taken, amount paid…and more. Employees: Monitor each and every change related to job & pay, store assignments, reviews, personal contact information, payroll related benefits...and more.
CLEARVIEW is integrated with the top payroll providers and makes the review and submission of payroll is a breeze. With all of your restaurants time punch activity being consolidated over the course of your payroll period, CLEARVIEW automatically calculates overtime pay based on your specific regions regulations. Submission to your payroll provider is a simple single click away!


Ensures that you order & prepare enough stock to meet the upcoming menu/ingredient demands while minimizing stock overhead and waste costs.
Automatically calculates projected increases & decreases in menu item demand based on upcoming promotions to ensure maximum efficiency even during spike periods.
Proactively monitor theoretical on hand stock levels and expected run out dates using up to the minute sales and waste information. Ensure your restaurant always has proper stock levels and avoid spoilage by transferring excess stock to other restaurants with lower levels.
CLEARVIEW's advanced inventory forecasting directly integrates with your food and paper orders, allowing you to remain lean while still meeting demand. Automatic calculation of "stock on hand" and "build to" levels needed to last until your next delivery. Saves time, human resources, and money!
The CLEARVIEW mobile and tablet experience makes counting stock a breeze! With the ability to customize your count sheets to match the layout of your restaurant, CLEARVIEW shows you what your stock levels should be directly as your counting to ensure nothing is missed. Combined with a fully functional offline mode that allows to walk in to your fridge, freezer or other wifi dead zones, your staff will love how easy and accurate stock taking is.
All inventory usage, actual and theoretical, is calculated using true FIFO based costing to show you exactly what your cost of goods sold and profit margins are, period. The CLEARVIEW First In First Out (FIFO) cost of usage engine takes all of your purchase and transfer history, to build out an exact trail of all stock coming into your restaurant, in what quantities and price.
Quickly pinpoint the top 20 inventory items with large opportunity for savings and begin building an action plan to ensure correct preparation, portioning, staff conception procedures are being followed. Monitor these items closely by running daily, or even mid-day, counts until the variance levels are under control.
CLEARVIEW's advanced inventory forecasting directly influences your production plan by looking at 15 minute level expected demand of specific menu and stock items and using that detail to calculate your "build to" and "hold at" levels for you. As a fully flexible feature, restaurant uses ranges from restock, thaw, prep, pre-cook, bake and of course holding units. Inclusion of each items primary and secondary shelf life ensures the product you serve is fresh & fast!


Our all-in-one solution supports all key business areas from operational to analysis by seamlessly integrating with multiple POS systems, accounting packages, payroll vendors, and suppliers. See our list of current integrations with new integration partners being added monthly.