Stay on top of brand standards on a day-to-day basis.

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Three Ways CLEARVIEW Helps You Maintain Brand Standards For any QSR franchise, one of your most important responsibilities is to uphold brand standards at all times. Every franchise makes an unspoken promise to their customers that no matter what location they walk into, the food quality, service, cleanliness, and overall experience will be the same. [...]

Three trends for QSRs in 2021.

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Looking ahead at food and restaurant trends for 2021. This is the time of year when we look ahead at what may be coming in the year ahead for our respective industries. This year, that process is more complex than any year that has come before. To say 2020 was a bit of an outlier in [...]

Controlling food and labor costs in the quest for greater profitability.

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Controlling your Controllables with CLEARVIEW Any quick-service restaurant owner or manager will tell you that keeping costs in check is an important part of maximizing profitability. Unfortunately, not all costs are what we refer to as ‘controllable’. There are fixed costs that cannot be lowered even by the ablest QSR manager.  The routine expenses that [...]

Are inventory inefficiencies eroding your profits?

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Control Inventory costs with CLEARVIEW One of the most common ways quick-service restaurants hemorrhage money is through inefficient management of inventory. Whether it’s by being understocked or overstocked, these inefficiencies will quickly erode profits. The CLEARVIEW advantage has helped our partners save between 2%-5% on the cost of goods sold (COGS). That’s because we help them maintain optimal stock levels [...]

Control labor costs without sacrificing on quality of service

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Make day-to-day labor-management easier and more profitable with CLEARVIEW It’s  been said that of all the costs associated with running a restaurant – food & beverage,  equipment, POS system utilities,  and  labor, the latter is  often the largest and arguably  the most important.  Whether you are effectively managing  labor  costs is going to largely determine whether the business [...]

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